...not just magical but entertaining

The Magic & Illusion of Kent Messmer

Need something special for your next event? We can handle it!

From the intimate close-up style of magic to entertain your guest at cocktail parties or dinner events Illusions Plus can provide some amazing prestidigitation to kick off an evening.

Want something to wind up the evening with fun? Then we can do that too. Depending on what your needs are we will design a memorable action packed show that they will be talking about for sure. Shows range from a stand-up type show for your noon luncheon, a medium show to entertain your clients or employee function to a ful blown production to raise funds for your group.

What is Close-Up Magic?

It's magic that is performed one-on-one for small groups. The magic happens in your hands with objects like cards, coins, or balls. Close-up magic inspired the phrase, "I can't believe my eyes!" You won't either.

Cocktail Parties

Kent Messmer will entertain your guest with incredible close-up illusions. It's truly special because it happens literally right before your eyes, sometimes in your own hands. Merely THINK of a card and watch as it is the ONLY card to vanish from a deck! Dozens of other great routines plus comedy and fun. Voila! It's a party!

Trade Shows

Give your company an edge over the competition! Attract potential customers to your trade show booth as Magician Kent will perform quick, "Close-up" magic that ties in information about your company's product or services. This is truly a great way to make prospective new business appear out of thin air.

Stage Shows

Kent provides lighty, sound and even the stage if needed to perform those magical effects like floating a lady or cutting someone from the audience in half. Kent Messmer will not only involve those in the seats but will bring some of them on stage to help accomplish his amazing feats of magic.